Welcome to the Promontory at Soda Creek Homeowner’s Association.

Located at the intersection of Evergreen Parkway and Squaw Pass Road in Evergreen Colorado, the Promontory at Soda Creek HOA includes 53 property owners.


Our next HOA board meeting is scheduled for May 9, 2024 at 6:30 pm at Tuscany Tavern. If you are interested in attending, please email promontoryatsodacreek@gmail.com
Waste and Recycling:  As of December, 2021, the Board has negotiated a new multi-year waste contract for the neighborhood that includs two 64 or 96 gallon Waste Management trash bins and one 64 gallon recycling bin.  WM will haul away any replaced trash bins.  Details regarding the schedule and process will be forthcoming via e-mail to the HOA.
Architectural Review:  Please remember to submit your exterior home improvement plans BEFORE you start work to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  This would include things like paint color or siding/roofing changes, fencing, deck improvements and landscaping.   The ARC will turn your request around as quickly as possible and can be best reached thru the ARC chair – Dan Fesenmeyer   
Neighborhood Watch:  We are a non-solicitation neighborhood.  Our children and their projects are always welcome, but if an unwelcome solicitor comes to your door, politely remind them of the neighborhood policy and that they should leave before the sheriff comes to escort them away.   Keeping a watchful eye for such things is helpful to all of us.  Please call the non-emergency sheriff line if you see anything suspicious.  They are happy to dispatch the nearest deputy. (303-277-0211).
Snow Plowing:  All of our roads, except for Windom, are privately owned and maintained by the HOA. We have contracted with Pine Grove Excavating for our snow removal for all of the private roads and they plow when we've received at least 4" of new snow. They take great care to avoid the obstacles in your yard, but sometimes are difficult to see when the snow gets too deep. It's helpful if you add a reflective marker near your obstacles during the winter months. Should you have any issues with snow removal, please contact Dan Fesenmeyer and please remember that Jefferson County handles all maintenance and snow removal for Windom.