April 8, 2013 – Annual



April 8. 2013


HOA President, Jan Barkman called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the meeting room at the Tuscany Tavern, Evergreen.

  • Board members present: Jan Barkman, Chan Pollock, Leanne Fesenmeyer, Roxanne Smith, Brian Reece
  • Board members absent: Christin Helander
  • Other attendees: Anita Barkman, Rita Pollock, Skip & Dave Evans, Holly Richardson, Cindy Middleton, Fabrice Fonck, Gretchen Stubenvoll, Mike Paules, Leo & Ann Roux.

Jan shared that formal notices had been mailed to all owners more than ten days in advance of the meeting as required by Colorado statute and the Promontory HOA bylaws.  Furthermore, advance notice had been sent by broadcast E-mail on March 18, 2013 and a final reminder, also by E-mail, was sent on April 3, 2013.

For a quorum our bylaws require that 10% of our owners are present. The above mentioned list of attendees represents 14 of our 53 lots, i.e. 28% representation. It was therefore noted that notices had gone out as required and that a quorum existed for the meeting.

The proposed agenda was approved with the addition of review of last year’s minutes, ARC report, fire hydrants, Bunco, and E-mail broadcasts.

A request was made to review key items from the 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes, which Jan did.  A motion to approve the 2012 annual meeting minutes was made, seconded and subsequently approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Chan Pollock presented the final 2012 revenue and expense actuals, the 2013 budget, which had approved by the board at the first quarter meeting held on February 19, 2013. He highlighted key differences between the 2012 actuals and 2013 budget including the full year effect of the dues, which was implemented for the second half of 2012, grounds & property maintenance, waste removal and technology (to allow for the construction of a website).  He explained that operating expenses are up slightly due to increased allowance for snow removal to allow for Noble to come when we receive at least four inches and again if there is substantial snow remaining after each storm.

He concluded with an explanation of a projected net income of $8,407 to which $2,200 from the Landscape Reserve fund will be added in order to maintain our target of adding $10,600 per year to the Road Maintenance Reserve Fund. Dave Evans asked for clarification regarding the Road Maintenance Reserve, specifically what the projection is for the total cost for the road repaving and whether or not we have a sufficient reserve to cover the projected cost.  Chan pointed out that the last paving cost about $120,000 and that we are projecting the need for repaving to be no sooner than 2020. Roxanne asked if we should consider increasing dues in a year or so to ensure that we raise additional funds should they be needed but the group as a whole suggested that we wait until the time at which it is deemed necessary to do so. Rita Pollock also suggested that we request an estimate each year for the road repaving in order to ensure that our Road Reserve Fund is sufficient.

A motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was made, seconded and subsequently approved.

Nominations to the Board of Directors

Jan shared that terms for himself, Christin Helander, and Roxanne Smith are up in one year at the 2014 annual meeting and that Brian Reece’s term is up effective with the 2013 annual meeting.  Brian Reece declined to stand for re-election to the Board. Jan asked for nominations and reminded the group that we had asked for nominations as part of the annual meeting notice sent via paper and electronic mail.  Fabrice Fonck and Holly Richardson volunteered to be considered as nominees. Fabrice Fonck and Holly Richardson were unanimously elected to the HOA Board for three year terms by acclamation.


Garage SaleHolly Richardson reported that she and Allen have explored options for the garage sale including having a tent to be located in a central location in which “free” items can be placed for all neighborhood members to access.  It was initially agreed that the May 31st – June 2nd would be preferable in order to avoid challenges related to the Memorial Day weekend.  Thus, the garage sale will be on Saturday, June 1st. The group agreed that two large or three regular size dumpsters would be ideal.  Holly will also request that a charity group (e.g. – Echo, Disabled Vets, etc.) to collect remaining items.  Jan volunteered to contact Waste Management to order the dumpsters. It was suggested during the meeting that one dumpster be put on El Diente Ct. across from the mail boxes and that we should avoid Windom as it is a county road. Mike Paules asked if we could request a dumpster that would be specifically used for yard waste/plant materials.

Waste Removal – Jan shared a notice from Waste Management that they will take four (4) bags instead of the prior allowance of seven (7) bags in addition to two (2) trash bins per week.  The letter also stated that the normal monthly fee is $22 per household per month for trash pickup and an additional $10 per month for recycle. The Promontory HOA is currently charged $20 per household per month for both.  Allied Waste, a division of Republic, and Mountain View Waste are potential alternative options.  Chan will monitor the monthly charges by Waste Management with the assistance of Mary Crocker at Evergreen Bookkeepers going forward.  Should we see an increase, we will solicit new bids. Roxanne explained that Mountain View will deliver two (2) 95 gallon containers for no additional charge and that they charge $23 per household per month for trash and recycle pickup.

Gretchen Stubenvoll asked if there was any remedy to the garbage that blows down to their home and others nearby.  In the broadcast message Jan is planning to send out with general information about trash pickup he will include a reminder that we live in a windy neighborhood, which necessitates covered trash bins and secured recycle material.

Golf Tournament – Brian Reece agree to explore options for holding our annual golf tournament at the Evergreen Golf Course.

Social Committee /Annual Picnic – Stephanie Cowen had notified Jan that she is unable to fulfill her duties as Social Committee chairperson and as such, will not be able to organize the annual picnic.  Jan suggested that the Thompson family might be willing to help again and Cindy Middleton said she would be willing to help.  Additional volunteers to help are always welcome.

Swale/Sinkhole: Roxanne described that there is an ongoing issue with underground water coming down the draw between the Fonck and Manwiller properties from the Soda Creek area causing an ongoing drainage issue behind the mail boxes on El Diente.  She has contacted the county but has learned that they do not believe it is their issue since it is not county property.  Over the years, sink holes have appeared in the area from time to time.  It was that the area can be a hazard, particularly for children playing in the area.

A comprehensive summary of the situation can be found in an email from Roxanne to the Board dated April 8th, 2013 which states:

“The problem with the sinkhole is that it undermines the culvert/drainage under El Diente and Windom, thus affecting the road. It has been an issue since the Promontory roads were built. As previously discussed, it becomes a problem every 5-6 years as the earth continues to settle (due to the moisture in the ground from downhill drainage.) The decision was made to wait until spring to begin repairs. Also, after speaking with Jefferson County it isn’t a county issue so falls to the HOA to affect repairs.

Also, as previously discussed is the proposal to build an enclosure around the back flow pipes in the front. This has not been bid on yet. “

Hydrants: During our last meeting, the issue of Fire Hydrant testing had been brought up. Jan has now contacted Evergreen Fire Department to find out when our hydrants were last tested.  It is actually not the Fire Department but the Evergreen Metro District that is responsible for testing the Fire Hydrants. Evergreen Metro also owns the hydrants. In an E-mail from Dave Lighthart at Evergreen Metro Jan was told that all Promontory hydrants had been tested last year for static and dynamic pressure as well as flow. Gretchen asked if we are monitoring small pine trees that are growing close to certain hydrants and Jan confirmed saplings should be cut down or removed from roadside ditches.

Website – We have secured www.promontoryevergreen.com as our URL. The website is under construction, but residents are still encouraged to check it out. A committee including Chan, Leanne, Mike and Robin Black will oversee the continued development. Fabrice Fonck also offered to help.

Email Communications – Jan shared that there is a new law that allows that all communication shared by board members be accessible/reviewed by all HOA members.  A potential resolution is to create specific email addresses for board members that are used only for HOA related communications. This may or may not be the solution for the Promontory.

Jan reported that all his broadcast E-mails to Promontory residents are now addressed to him with a blind copy to individual residents.  This is an effort to minimize the risk that E-mail addresses end up in the wrong hands.  It is also an effort to minimize spam exposure.

Bunco – The next Bunco meeting is being held Wednesday, April 17th at Gretchen Stubenvoll’s home. Invitations have been sent out to Promontory women by E-mail.

Communications:  It was suggested that we email an updated directory to all neighbors and include a notification of new residents. Leanne agreed to distribute to the HOA and work with the bookkeeper to ensure that an updated list is properly printed and distributed with the next quarterly billing statements. Jan also asked that the BCC be used to address emails to keep homeowner email addresses private and minimize SPAM. Address TO: (self) enter all other addresses in BCC:

ARC: Mike Paules offered to create a summary of neighborhood covenants as related to architectural review requirements so that we can distribute them to the residents along with a reminder to secure approvals from the ARC Committee as warranted. Ideally, this information van and should be available on our web site going forward.


With nothing further to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 8:17 pm.


Respectfully submitted by

Leanne Fesenmeyer, Secretary