August 18, 2014

Meeting Minutes

The Promontory at Soda Creek – HOA

August 18th, 2014


The meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm by Chan Pollock at Tuscany Tavern restaurant.

Board Members in attendance included: Chan Pollock, Mike Dobson, Fabrice Fonck, Roxanne Smith, Leanne Fesenmeyer and Holly Richardson. Christin Helander was absent. Other attendees included: Mike Paules, Allen Richardson.

New Business:

Holly Richardson submitted her resignation as Treasurer. Mike Dobson made a motion to accept her resignation which was seconded by Roxanne Smith. Holly subsequently nominated her husband, Allen to fill the open Board position at Treasurer. Chan subsequently made a motion that we accept Holly’s resignation which was seconded by Roxanne and received full Board approval with no objections. Leanne Fesenmeyer then nominated Allen Richardson to the vacant Board position and assume the role of Treasurer which was seconded by Fabrice Fonck.  No objections were received and the motion was approved.

Budget Presentation:

Allen Richardson commenced the review of the HOA budget and initiated a discussion regarding his plans to organize the budget to ensure that specific budget items align properly with the specific revenues and expenses which will include meeting with Mary Crocker regarding bookkeeping policies and procedures and continuing his assessment of how to optimize overall budget management.  He also discussed how we might reconsider accounting for the Road Maintenance budget to potentially include creating a separate escrow account for this fund.  Roxanne reminded us that we should review the Covenants to ensure that we are adhering to Colorado laws regarding proper management of such funds (e.g – how to avoid co-mingling funds, etc.).  Allen committed to presenting options at the next board meeting including how to account for the funds, investment options, etc.  He also shared that we have approximately $75,000 in cash and some additional funds remaining in the Accounts Receivable.

A discussion of typical road maintenance ensued with a reminder that the roads were first paved in 1994 and subsequently repaved in 2007 (13 years later).  As such, it was suggested that we tentatively plan on repaving the roads in 2020 +/- two years. Allen and Chan will reach out to  Dan Donoho who has been involved in prior paving projects what his opinion is as to cost and timing as well as the feasibility of tarring/graveling (vs. full scale paving) versus our current estimate of $120,000.  Roxanne Smith made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report which was seconded by Fabrice Fonck.  The motion was approved with no objections.

Architectural Review Committee:

Mike Paules shared that he received a request from a homeowner to place a greenhouse on their deck. Given concerns about wind and the size of the unit (8’ x 12’), Mike suggested that it might not be prudent and the homeowner subsequently rescinded their request.

Mike also shared that he received a request for a chicken coop to be installed in their yard and after a detailed investigation of JeffCo and HOA policies the homeowner opted to rescind their request. He also shared that there had been a complaint regarding a trailer being stored in close proximity to the resident’s home and at the edge of the road.

Mike then initiated an overview of the current situation as it relates to fire mitigation in general area including Soda Creek, The Ridge and Hiwan Country Club. He also shared that his insurance company, Allstate Insurance Company, informed him that his homeowner’s policy is at risk of not being renewed if certain requirements are not met as it relates to fire mitigation including keeping his grass mowed to a maximum of 4”.  Mike’s point of view is that it might not even be legal for the insurance company to make specific requests that are inconsistent with the terms of the original policy. Chan also shared that American Family Insurance was recently considering pulling out of the Evergreen market and asked to review his lot with several other agents who were touring the area recently.  Chan’s insurance was subsequently renewed but at a much higher rate.

Mike asked if the Board should put homeowners on alert that there might be a potential issue regarding their homeowner’s policies being at risk and/or to provide guidelines or recommendations regarding optimal fire mitigation.  This concept was supported by Fabrice who reminded us that a formal policy might also help homeowners who might benefit from having formal proof of our policies when interacting with their insurance company.

Mike volunteered to draft recommendations for optimal fire mitigation procedures to share with each resident.  This information will also be prominently visible via our website, Facebook page and via direct mail.  Fabrice also suggested that we organize a community information session in mid-winter to share information regarding optimal mitigation procedures, options, and ideas.

Chan made a motion to approve the ARC committee report which was seconded by Allen Richardson. With no objections, the motion was seconded and approved.

Social Committee Report:

Leanne shared that a picnic was slated to be held on August 24th but since no one volunteered to lead the event, it will be postponed.  Holly offered to reach out to the balance of the Social Committee to organize the event for mid-September which will be followed by Bunco (organized by Cindy Middleton) on Oct. 9th.

Landscape Committee:

Roxanne shared that there is quite a bit of low hanging branches in the open space area along Highway 74 that should be skirted. The estimate for the work is $150 and it was agreed that the work should be completed.

The recent mowing project was also discussed and Roxanne shared details regarding the perimeter that was covered in terms of boundaries that were included (and excluded).


Fabrice shared an update regarding the website and recommended that we explore an alternative hosting provider. Mike Dobson made a motion that we move the website to an alternative hosting site. The motion was seconded by Allen Richardson and subsequently approved with no objections.

It was also agreed that Fabrice ask Tom Huschen to submit an invoice for the services he has rendered thus far.

Other Items:

Chan shared that the Clarke’s home is being rented and moved that we approve the rental agreement. The motion was approved with no objections.

Next Meeting:

Chan proposed that we meet in late October and include a review of the draft 2015 budget. The meeting was set for October 27th at 6:30 pm.  At 8:47 pm, Chan made a motion to adjourn which was seconded and approved.