December 6, 2016



December 6, 2016

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Dave Young, Mike Dobson, Gretchen Stubenvol, Chan Pollock

OTHER HOA MEMBERS PRESENT: Fabrice Fonck, Dave Evans, Rita Pollock

A quorum constituting the required board members were present in person.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm on December 6, 2016 at the Tuscany Tavern.

  1. Treasury Report: The treasury report was prepared by Scott Smith, but due to illness it was instead delivered by Chan Pollock. Thru 10/31 running approximately $10K over annual budget, mostly due to using some reserves for large maintenance projects this year – west side fence repair/staining (complete), front entrance electric/lighting/sign work (complete).  Grounds maintenance is also over budget due to dry year which necessitated an additional tree watering.   We should have about 75K in reserve for future road maintenance and repair by end of year, in line with expectations.
  2. Outstanding project work: Fence along CO74 and front entrance sign, electric and lighting work was all completed in the fall. The road signs still need to be painted (scheduled for late spring) as is Road Maintenance due to scheduling issues with contractor.  Because of the delays in getting to the road shoulder maintenance, the board suggested a larger budget for this in 2017 to cover additional areas of wear.  El Diente at Windom was of special concern to several in attendance.
  3. Other Items:
  • The Board discussed adding a budget line item for 2017 to engage our outside legal counsel to ensure our HOA agreement and covenants meet current state statute requirements. This will be discussed at the next meeting.
  • Gretchen asked if we could bring back the contact list for HOA use, which started a discussion about privacy of HOA information. We collect several telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for each home and felt some might object to having it all published, although this is largely anecdotal.  The current contact list was to be circulated at the ornament exchange get together to solicit feedback and corrections.
  1. Next Meeting: The next board meeting was set for February 28th at 6:30pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm.

Submitted By: Chan Pollock, Board Secretary