February 26, 2019



February 26th, 2019

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Dave Young, Gretchen Stubenvoll, Chan Pollock, Scott Smith

Other HOA Members Present:  Mays, Small, Morrill

A quorum constituting the required Board members were present in person.  The meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm on February 26th, 2019 at the Tuscany Tavern.  The Agenda for this meeting and Minutes from the December meeting were approved by voice acknowledgement without discussion or objection.

  1. Treasury Report: Scott Smith delivered the treasurer’s report regarding financials through the year end, 2018.  Income was in line with projections, only slightly ahead due to the collection of late fees.  Collections were on par with expectations, with no notable overdue dues greater than 90 days noted.  Approximately $3,500 was added to reserves for the year. A budget for 2019 was presented, generally straight line from 2018 on revenues and expenses except for Grounds Maintenance (expected to run approximately $4000 less than 2018) and $3,500 reserves for unforeseen road or general maintenance requirements.  Finally, Scott stated that he will file the HOA tax return prior to the March 15th due date.  The HOA will owe a small amount of tax on our earned interest per prior years. The report and 2019 Budget was approved with no objection.
  2. Short Term Property Rental:  The Board handled a short-term property rental issue earlier in the year with a homeowner.  The covenants and bylaws do not allow rentals shorter than 90 days without prior HOA Board approval.  Jefferson County also requires notification and the filing of an application. The homeowner had done neither and halted the activity once they were in receipt of a letter from the Board and with a short discussion from the President.  The Secretary would include a short discussion regarding the process for rentals in the next communication to the neighborhood HOA.
  3. Social Committee:  The Board authorized the dumpster weekend for May 30-June 2, with the annual garage sale on June 2.  Many thanks to Holly Richardson for again managing these events.
  4. Newsletter and Contact List:  The Secretary will get the updated contact info out to the general membership.  Many thanks to the Boy Scouts that solicited updates last fall.
  5. Next Meeting: The Board set the date for the next Board meeting, which will be the Annual Meeting as required by the Bylaws – May 22nd, 2019, 6:30pm at the Tuscany Tavern.  Three Board seats will be up for nomination due to the resignation of member Small, and the expiring three year terms of Stubenvoll and Fesenmeyer.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Submitted By: Chan Pollock, Board Secretary