February 9, 2016



February 09, 2016


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Christin Helander, Fabrice Fonck, Allen Richardson, Roxanne Smith, Mike Dobson, Dave Young.


Other HOA members present: Gretchen Stubenvoll, Kent Wise, Terry Dickerson, Tara Voelker, Marianne Dallmann

A quorum constituting the required board members were present in person. The meeting was called to order at 6:48pm on February 9, 2016 at the Tuscany Tavern by President David Young.  Since the regular Board Secretary was absent for the meeting, Vice President Fabrice Fonck assumed the Secretary duties for this meeting.

The Agenda was reviewed then motioned for approval, as were the minutes from the previous HOA meeting, with no objections. The following agenda items were discussed:

  1. Financial report: The Treasurer reported that we had a small deficit for 2015 largely due to the unbudgeted fence repair, which cost us $3667 and offset by postponing road maintenance to 2016. The fence repair is scheduled for completion in 2016 at an estimated cost of $5500. The outstanding work item is to stain the interior of the fence. We are still hoping to come under that estimate. Roxanne also pointed out that at some point we will need to repaint the street sign posts, as the HOA owns them. We have a total of $350 budgeted, which may not be enough. Since we need to repaint the fence again in 9 years, we need to start building that reserve over time. Allen recommends the possibility of a $5 dues increase per quarter, to be discussed in the upcoming May annual meeting. Another option would be to consider an annual increase instead to account for the fact that costs of services and maintenance typically go up year over year. Also, the question of how often we collect HOA dues came up. Should we go to an annual plan? A July payment with 60 days to pay was brought up. Allen is putting together a proposal within 2 weeks of the meeting for the board to review and discuss, outlining both issues and proposed solutions. After that the proposal will be sent to all HOA members for review and feedback. We will vote on the proposal at the next quarterly meeting in May.
  2. Snow plowing: Mike Dobson pointed out that 3 plowing companies closed doors this year in Evergreen. Mike is in constant contact with Jim Noble who is in charge of plowing our streets after a snowstorm. Improving his service is still work in progress. Mike is not actively looking for someone else at this point and the plowing instructions remain the same: first pass after 4-inch accumulation with a maximum of two passes per 24-hour period. Jim sent the big blade through this past Tuesday and it seemed to do a pretty good job. We also need to have sand dumped in problematic areas. Mike will continue to be the point person and will continue to work on improvements.
  3. Covenant violations: Trailers parked in driveways continue to be an issue. Two were identified during the board neighborhood walkthrough last summer. In addition, a formal complaint was logged on October 30th by an HOA member. Fabrice and Mike will follow up with the homeowners to get into compliance. First step will be to send an email to point out the covenant violation followed by an in person visit if needed. Our goal is to have this issue resolved before the next quarterly HOA meeting.
  4. Street shoulder repairs: Dan Donohoe and Allen Richardson to look into bids and report back to the board.
  5. Fence maintenance: The plan of action was discussed during the budget review. Work is scheduled to start in June 2016. Cost is estimated at $5,500.
  6. ARC: no outstanding items.
  7. We potentially need new members for the HOA board as a number of members are coming to the end of their term. Dave will contact HOA members about HOA board openings. Gretchen Stubenvoll has agreed to take an active role on the social committee and is looking to organize an evening at Wild Game
  8. We have recurring issues with power supply with the front area, where Windom meets Squaw Pass road. David is looking into finding an electrician to fix the issue. We collectively decided to keep the lights around the fence at the Squaw pass entrance.
  9. Next HOA meeting is going to be our annual meeting and is scheduled for 5/10/2016 at Tuscany Tavern at 6:30pm.
  10. The meeting was adjourned at 8:09pm.