May 10, 2016 – Annual



TUESDAY, MAY 10th 2016

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Dave Young, Fabrice Fonck, Christin Helander, Chan Pollock, Roxanne Smith, Mike Dobson.

OTHER ATTENDEES: Holly Richardson, Rita Pollock, Eric Helander, Kent Wise, Terry Dickerson, Cindy Middleton, Leanne Fessenmeyer, Gretchen Stubenvol, and Scott Smith.

A quorum constituting at least 10% of the lot owners were present in person constituting a valid Annual Meeting. The meeting was called to order at 6:45 pm at Tuscany Tavern by HOA President, David Young. Subsequently, meeting attendees introduced themselves.  Copies of the current 2016 Agenda and prior 2015 Annual Meeting minutes were available at the meeting. Chan Pollock requested a motion for approval of the prior meeting minutes and agenda which was seconded and approved by Fabrice Fonck.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Allen Richardson (Treasurer) had previously provided the 2015 year-end financial report and recommended 2016 budget to the Board prior to the meeting but could not attend this Annual Meeting. Chan summarized the Treasurer Report with 3 handouts in Allen’s stead.

  • 2015 year-end financials (attached) show income of $11,434 vs the budget of $9,505. On the revenue side, an increase of $800 in revenues vs budget was due to homeowner late fees, greater transfer fee revenue than anticipated and higher interest on available cash than expected. On the expense side, we underspent by approximately $1,100 in total. Underages were due to less than expected grounds maintenance and social event spend and the main overages were in snow removal and electricity. Although the road repair expense didn’t occur as planned, the money was instead spent on fence repair (see below). Net income, in total, was $1,929 more than budgeted and contributed to a net increase in retained reserves.
  • The 2016 budget (attached) was reviewed. Budgeted revenue for 2016 is $46,805, up slightly from 2015 and reflective of a full year of the 2015 operating and reserve dues increases. Major expenses for 2016 include road shoulder maintenance deferred from 2015 due to the lack of contractor availability, the completion of the repair and staining of the west side of the neighborhood fence along Evergreen Parkway, and an increase in waste/recycling monthly fees. Net Income for 2016 is forecasted at approximately $3,700, reflective of the current year reserve spending requirements for the road and fence maintenance.
  • A reserve analysis was also provided (attached), indicating approximately $93,700 cash on hand spread amongst an operating checking account, interest bearing money market savings account and higher yielding Certificate of Deposit. Current assumptions include road and fence maintenance in 2016, with subsequent road repair every 4 years and fence repair every 9 years. The road replacement assumption of 2020 has been moved to 2021 with a replacement cost of $120,000, still deemed conservative by the Board given current oil prices and their effect on asphalt.   The reserve analysis indicated that we will have enough funding to fulfill maintenance and road replacement assumptions provided operating expenses continue to be controlled per past practice. No dues increase was recommended for 2016 and that would be revisited in 2017.

Mike Dobson motioned for approval of the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Fabrice with no objections.

LANDSCAPING AND FENCE MAINTENANCE: Roxanne reported that the Evergreen Metro backflow certification for the commons sprinkler system was due June 1 and she would schedule. Mike and Dave reported that a contractor had submitted a bid to complete the fence west side repair/staining along Evergreen Parkway, inclusive of labor, stain and supplies that was deemed acceptable.  Work should commence late spring, weather permitting.  Dave was to reach out to homeowners along the fence for the brief use of power for the spraying equipment.  Homeowners along the fence are requested to keep the weeds to a minimum to assist with the project.

It was proposed that the Board meet at 6:30 pm June 6 at Dave Young’s house to then conduct a neighborhood walkthrough to review Covenant and other exterior landscaping and fire mitigation issues. It was suggested that the Board also look at the main common area and signage at Windom and Squaw Pass Road and consider improvement/repair as warranted.

SNOW REMOVAL AND ROAD SHOULDER REPAIR BIDS:  Mike Dobson provided an overview of the miscommunication between our current snow removal provider and our HOA.  There have been numerous complaints of poor snow removal service.  It was agreed to develop a short RFQ outlining our requirements and solicit formal bids over the summer for the 2016-2017 snow season.  Additionally, there were no contractors available at a reasonable price to repair our road shoulders in 2015.  It was also agreed to develop a short RFQ for 2016 shoulder repair and solicit bids that meet our requirements.  Mike Dobson agreed to head up both efforts with assistance from others.

ARCHITECTURE REVIEW COMMITTEE (ARC): Leanne (ARC committee chair) reported minor activity and expected this to pick up as we moved in to spring/summer. She requested that we notify all homeowners of the requirement to solicit ARC approval for any significant change to the outside of the home or lot, including but not limited to, paint color changes, additions, deck renovations, landscaping, fencing, etc.  Chan agreed to provide notification in a subsequent all HOA e-mail note.

SOCIAL/OTHER: Holly Richardson reported she had organized the Neighborhood Cleanup and Garage Sale weekend for June 3-5, with the garage sale on the 4th.  Several homeowners had signed up for the garage sale and if others were interested they should notify Holly so she can prepare appropriate advertising.  She mentioned that we will have Boy Scouts available to collect items that could be recycled/deposited available for free or for sale for donation to Troop 1776 as part of the neighborhood Garage Sale.  The troop also had some availability to assist with yard cleanup.

BOARD ELECTIONS: The 3-year Board terms for Fabrice Fonck and Allen Richardson expired as of this Annual Meeting. Fabrice and Allen were not seeking re-election and Roxanne was stepping down with one year remaining on her term. Scott Smith, Gretchen Stubenvol, Kent Wise and Leanne Fessenmeyer accepted nominations for election to the Board and all were approved. Given we had 4 nominations and 3 available seats, it was decided that we would accept all four with the understanding that one would be a non-voting alternate in the event that someone could not complete their term.  A vote was taken of all present with no objections.  The 2016 Board Members and their term expiration date is as follows Mike Dobson (2017), Christin Helander (2017), Scott Smith (2017 taking Roxanne’s vacancy), Chan Pollock (2018), David Young (2018), Gretchen Stubenvol (2019) and Kent Wise (2019).  Leanne Fessenmeyer requested that she take the alternate slot given her ARC duties. Officer roles for 2016-2017 will be selected from and by the Board Members at the June 6th Board meeting.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:14 pm which was seconded and approved with no objection.

Submitted by: Chan Pollock, Secretary