May 19, 2015 – Annual



TUESDAY, MAY 19th 2015


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Chan Pollock, Fabrice Fonck, Leanne Fesenmeyer, Allen Richardson, Roxanne Smith, Mike Dobson.

OTHER ATTENDEES: Holly Richardson, John Orvis, Rita Pollock, Mike Paules, John Young, Don Volker, Kent Wise (future homeowner), Terry Dickerson (future homeowner), Cindy Middleton, and Chris Jenkins.

LOT OWNERS PRESENT BY PROXY: Helander (Board Member), Koons, Evans, Caywood, Leaton, Coniglio, Sunderhuse, Swedenborg, Roux, Burchfield, Clarke.

A quorum constituting at least 10% of the lot owners were present either in person or by proxy (23).  The meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm at Tuscany Tavern by HOA President, Chan Pollock. Subsequently, meeting attendees introduced themselves after the meeting agenda was reviewed. Chan requested approval of the agenda which was seconded and approved. He then shared that prior meeting minutes are posted on the website for review and requested a motion for approval of the meeting minutes which was seconded and approved at 6:57 pm.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Allen Richardson reviewed the overall budget and cash status.The cash balance 12/31/15 for the operating account was $9855 and the road fund money market account was $65503.

2014 financials show income of $4751 vs the budget of $2010. However this income will not be transferred to the road maintenance, repair & resurface fund (RMR&RF) and instead will be used towards two anticipated expenses of approx. $5000 for the Hwy. 74 fence maintenance and repair and approx. $4000 for the road shoulder work. Allen reported that this will reduce the funds available to transfer the RMR&RF thus the primary reason he recommended the $5/quarter/household increase in HOA dues.

The 1st quarter 2015 income of $507 vs budget of $381 loss which at quick glance is due mainly to cash flow timing of income and expenses.

Given the road repair assumptions, it had become clear that we will be short at least $5,000 for the overall cost of road repair and as such it was decided that we pursue an HOA dues increase with the general membership.

It was proposed that we raise quarterly dues by $5 per lot per quarter.  Subsequently, Chan requested a vote – one vote per lot — which resulted in 12 “For” (6 present/6 proxy), 10 “Against” (6 present/4 proxy) and one “Abstain” (proxy). Per the vote, it was motioned that we approve a quarterly dues increase of $5 per lot to $215, commencing with the 3Q 2015 dues invoice which was seconded and approved.

LANDSCAPING AND MAINTENANCE: Mike Paules shared an overview of the ARC policies and expectations along with JeffCo assessments of wildfire risk including an article which stated that insurance agents are reluctant to reinsure high risk areas such as ours.

It was proposed that we meet at the El Diente mailboxes on Tuesday, May 27th at 6:30 pm to conduct a neighborhood walkthrough to review Covenant violations as well as other minor issues. Included would be an assessment of fence repairs which will be headed up by Mike Dobson.

SOCIAL/OTHER: Holly Richardson discussed that we will have Boy Scouts available to collect items that could be recycled/deposited available for free or for sale for donation to Troop 1776 as part of the neighborhood Garage Sale on Saturday, May 30th. She also suggested that we create a Welcome Packet for new Homeowners.

BOARD ELECTIONS: Chan Pollock, Leanne Fesenmeyer and Dave Young were nominated for the two vacant Board positions expiring May, 2015, for which Leanne declined nomination. After a vote, it was determined that Chan and Dave would be elected to Board positions and that on a brief meeting of the Board on Tuesday, May 27th, specific Officer roles for 2015-2016 would be assigned.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:49 pm which was seconded and approved.

Submitted by: Leanne Fesenmeyer, Secretary