May 3, 2022

Board members present: Angie Mays, Gretchen Stubenvoll, Chris Jenkins, Dan Fesenmeyer, Cindy Middleton

Other homeowners present: Beth Hilquist & Ed Hilquist, Skip & Dan Evans, Dave Young

Eight of the 53 lots (15%) of the lots were represented in person at the meeting constituting the requisite 10% quorum per section 4.5 of the Amended Bylaws. After introductions of all attendees, the meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm at Tuscany Tavern in Evergreen, Colorado. The agenda for this meeting was approved by voice acknowledgement without discussion or objection.

Minutes from prior meeting: The minutes from the prior board meeting (February 8, 2022) were reviewed by Chris. Meeting minutes were approved by voice vote without objection.

Treasurer report: Gretchen gave a financial report YTD through April. Revenues and Reserve Funds transfers to savings are on track with the budget.  Some expenses are over budget. Notably, the Waste Management monthly fee is ranging from $1700-$1850. It is expected that the monthly fee will continue to rise due to fuel costs, and therefore, the HOA is going to be over budget (currently $20,000, including the pilot slash removal program) by at least a few thousand dollars. The HOA insurance premium with State Farm went up approximately $200 to $2193, which is approximately $200 over budget. The 2021 Federal and Colorado tax returns were filed March 9, 2022. Taxes were owned on the CD interest earned in 2021.  The Federal tax owed was $52 and the Colorado tax owed was $3. The HOA also paid a Federal tax penalty of $7.02 for a late 2020 tax payment as the 2020 return was not filed by the corporate deadline, March 15, 2021. Gretchen is also waiting for the final snow removal invoice but expects that to be at or near budget.

Fire mitigation: Beth reported that a fire rep from Evergreen Fire Department can assess four houses for a risk assessment. We discussed four possible houses. Dumpsters and slash discussed. Cindy will send survey about dumpsters and slash. Dave Young volunteered for dumpster monitoring

Camper violation: Gretchen reports the camper is now gone and will confirm via correspondence with homeowner

Social: Bunco is May 24th at Sarah Hiza’s house. Block party will be at Jenkins’ houses. Angie will send a block party RSVP evite.

Board Election: Dan, Angie, and Gretchen were up for election and were re-elected to a 3-year term. Beth Hilquist was nominated for at-large position and approved. Angie was nominated and re-elected as president and Gretchen for treasurer.

New business: Discussion of lawn maintenance

ARC: Dan reported a painting and deck request were approved

The next meeting will be Wednesday, August 3, 6:30pm at the Stubenvoll residence.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.

Submitted by: Chris Jenkins, Board Secretary

Approved August 3, 2022