Waste & Recycling

As of December 2021, the Board has negotiated a new multi-year contract with WM for the neighborhood. Included in your HOA fees each home is allowed up to (2) 64 or 96 gallon trash WM issued trash carts and (1) 64 or 96 gallon WM issued recycling cart. Trash is collected by WM every Friday. Recycling is collected every other Friday. WM holidays push our pickup days to Saturdays as can weather or other interruptions. Each home had new WM issued trash and recycling carts delivered in January 2021. If you are in need of additional new carts from WM outside of this initial delivery, you will need to contact WM to set up payment of delivery for the additional cart(s) and possibly individual monthly billing for carts exceeding the current contract allotment. WM is responsible for any repairs or replacement for their carts. They MAY not pick up any items that are not placed INSIDE WM carts or in non-WM issued carts. Please be sure all of your items fit INSIDE your cart(s). For items that are outside of “regular household trash” i.e. bulk items, construction material, hazardous waste, etc, you will need to call WM directly to arrange and pay for pickup individually. ONLY place your carts at the end of your driveway on Friday mornings (WM is often here as early as 7:00 AM). We are in bear country and a fed bear is a dead bear. Additionally, please be sure all trash is secure. A bungee cord on a windy day goes a long way to keep our neighborhood litter free.